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We love people

Being a vehicle for the empowerment of our culture keepers, cooperation partners and employees.

cen. loves people – our culture keepers, our cooperation partners, our employees. As a social enterprise, we want to empower the people we come into contact with through our work. The following three approaches will help us to put people in the light of our work and give them space to develop their knowledge and talents:

Empathy building

In connection with our pursued value of cultural appreciation, we are particularly interested in the empowerment and empathy building of culture keepers - the keepers of international cultural assets. cen. label is meant to offer them a platform to spread their talents and knowledge of a certain art or craft to the world because some of them hardly make it beyond their local visibility. This is very unfortunate considering that their products and/ or services are often seen as important cultural heritage that serves to build cultural identities. Therefore, we aim to develop a deep, shared understanding and empathy for our chosen culture keepers.

Good working conditions

At cen. the focus is above all on tolerance and respect for people. This is why we pay attention to human rights, healthy working conditions and fair payment. We will advocate for the rights of our chosen culture keepers to help them preserve their cultural assets. Furthermore, we will make sure that our cooperation partners and employees can provide their services for us under good working circumstances. Fair payment for the work performed is a matter of course. By designing good ways of working we aim to shape a more ethical and sustainable fashion and textile industry.

Gender equality

Concerning gender equality, we will pay special attention to empowering women in our collaborations. This means, when looking for our culture keepers, cooperation partners and employees, we will make sure that the proportion of women and men we will work with is equally balanced. Beyond that, the equality of genders or gender identities with regard to their rights as well as their personal and professional development potential is very important to us. By supporting equal participation in personal development opportunities, we want to make our contribution to social justice.

by Viktoria Heinzel


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