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Gender Equality

Strengthening the role of women and stopping discrimination based on gender.

How do we pay attention to gender equality?

Concerning gender equality, we will pay special attention to empowering women we come in contact with through our work. First, we will ensure that women working at our production partners enjoy healthy working conditions and receive fair payment. Second, when looking for cooperation partners or employees, we will make sure that the proportion of women and men we will work with is equally balanced. Third, we will support those women we are working with to receive valuable opportunities to develop professionally.

Beyond that, the equality of all genders or gender identities with regard to their rights as well as their personal and professional development potential is very important to us. Herewith we would like to make our contribution to social justice.

Why do we pay attention to gender equality?

Worldwide, about 75 million workers in the fashion and textile industry are involved in the production of clothing. The majority of them are young women who are exposed to inhumane working conditions, doing too much work for too little money and are rarely supported in their professional or personal development.

As a fair fashion label, cen. wants to stand up for the rights of these women and thereby ensure human dignity. To enable acceptable working conditions, the role of women must be strengthened and discrimination based on gender must be stopped. Wages and respect must go hand in hand in a gender-just manner.

With our work we would like to make a decisive contribution to this and encourage our cen. community to consume with more awareness. With more heart and mind.

The following 5 reasons summarise why it is so important for us to promote gender equality:

  • Supporting all genders or gender identities.

  • Enabling personal and professional development.

  • Strengthening the role of women.

  • Increasing awareness for women’s work.

  • Making a contribution to social justice.

by Viktoria Heinzel


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