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Empathy Building

Enabling a deep and shared understanding for culture keepers of our chosen cultural assets.

How do we build empathy for culture keepers?

Empathy can be interpreted as the feeling of understanding and sharing another person´s experiences and emotions. In other words, it is the ability to share someone else´s feelings, thoughts or attitudes. Through our work we will do our best to make our cen community feel this kind of empathy for our chosen culture keepers, more precisely, for their special stories and rare talents.

An essential step for this will be the cultivation of curiosity for their living environment and work during our research and development phases and when getting in exchange with them. During common exchanges or interactions, we will pay attention to hear the whole person with unconditional acceptance and indicating them clearly: I see you. Our response to people’s feelings and personal connections to their cultural identities will be thoughtful, our translation of those sensitive insights into authentic stories will be carefully done.

Why do we build empathy for culture keepers?

cen. wants to empower the people we come into contact with through our work. By paying attention to our value of cultural appreciation we aim to place culture keepers in the light of our work. As keepers of essential knowledge of cultural arts and crafts, we see an urgent need to make them more visible. This is why cen. label will offer them a platform to share their essential talents to the world, because some of them hardly make it beyond their local visibility. Considering the fact that their products and/or services are seen as important cultural assets to build cultural identities, we aim to develop a deep, shared understanding and empathy for our chosen culture keepers.

5 reasons why it is so important for cen. to build empathy for culture keepers:

  • Enabling a deeper cultural understanding.

  • Support the sharing of their experiences.

  • Interconnect our couture accessories with their feelings.

  • Sharing authentic insights and stories of their cultural identities.

  • Promoting their supraregional visibility.

by Viktoria Heinzel


Reiss, H. (2017). The science of empathy. Journal of Patient Experience, 4(2), 74-77.

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