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New technologies

How we want to rethink fashion in the context of technology and aim to establish a new awareness for greener design and production ways.

How do we implement technology openness?

cen. aims to apply innovative technologies, starting with 3D printing and laser cutting, to foster even more sustainable design and production ways. For future collections we will remain open to new, cutting-edge technologies and related applied science for the development of our couture accessories, in order to always live up to our defined sustainability principles in the best possible way.

We promise that our brand will always evolve and adapt in its design and production methods, without losing its recognition value.

Why do we implement technology openness?

The fashion and textile industry is one of the fastest moving industries. Yet, internationally, many garments are still very traditionally made and sewn by hand. When large quantities of clothing are to be produced and sold, this leads to increased fast fashion - short-lived fashion that is produced under poor working conditions and has fatal consequences for the environment. However, as new technologies evolve, so must the fashion industry, as the latest technologies could revolutionise the future of sustainable fashion in the long term.

In addition to increasing awareness of the issue itself, new processes need to be created in the conception, design and production of fashion to avoid overproduction, waste and emissions. Exciting technologies of our digital age that could help the fashion and textile industry become greener already exist: 3D printing technologies are used to reduce wear and tear in the design process, artificial intelligence helps reduce overproduction, blockchain has the potential to provide more transparency in the supply chain and mobile body scanning together with virtual dressing favours the reduction of transport emissions.

However, the foundation for this must be laid by designers and consumers alike. With a new awareness, a new way of thinking and the use of new technologies, circular processes and sustainable materials, cen. will also contribute to this and hopefully ensure that fast fashion will soon be a thing of the past.

5 reasons why it is so important for cen. to implement technology openness:

  • Technology openness reduces wear and tear.

  • Technology openness counteracts overproduction.

  • Technology openness provides more transparency along the supply chain.

  • Technology openness enables greener production ways.

  • Technology openness opens up new sustainable design methods.

Paying attention to technology openness, we want to rethink fashion in the context of technology and aim to establish a new awareness for greener design and production ways.

by Viktoria Heinzel


Fletcher, K., Pierre, L. S., Tham, M. (2019). Design and Nature: New ways of knowing for sustainability, LENS Conference, Milan, April 3-5.

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