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Authentic stories

How to educate our community members about international cultural assets through the creation of authentic stories.

cen. aims to make an important contribution to cultural appreciation by creating authentic stories of different international cultures. In selecting these cultures, we focus in particular on cultural assets of local arts and crafts in order to preserve specific knowledge of them. Intensive exchange with the preservers of cultural assets - the culture keepers - is crucial for this.

During our research work for a new collection, in the first step, we will always search for special treasures of art and craft techniques of a country, region or even small village. In the second step, we will identify their keepers (e.g. artists, craftsmen, representatives of museums/ archives/ libraries, cultural institutions) and establish contact with them. In the third step we will create an exchange with these culture keepers with the help of innovative research and communication methods. It will always be important for us to understand the contribution of their craft practice to national and/ or regional culture, identity and tradition.

The close exchange with different keepers of identified craft treasures will help us deciding for a specific craft whose preservation seems most important to us based on the research conducted. If we identify several craft treasures we would like to support through our work, we may address the identified cultural assets individually over several years - but always focusing on one asset within a collection. According to our slow fashion approach we will create only one collection per year.

By choosing a specific cultural asset to preserve, we also decide on our co-creation partner for a collection - the cultural keeper of this treasure. They accompany us through the various phases of product development and write stories about the products together with us. These stories are intended to inform and educate about the chosen cultural asset. By purchasing our couture accessories, a unique cultural world opens up for our customers by uncovering important inherent knowledge about a specific national culture, the cultural asset to be preserved and the culture keepers.

5 reasons why it is so important for cen. to develop and share stories:

  • Stories create identity.

  • Stories create attention.

  • Stories promote emotional co-experience.

  • Stories are better remembered.

  • Stories continue to be told.

Our aim is to educate our community members through authentic stories and inherent knowledge of a chosen cultural asset that will be reflected in our sustainable couture accessories.

by Viktoria Heinzel


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