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Art, Creativity, Culture - all this belongs to Viktoria. As studied fashion designer and researcher for Creative Industries, she moves profession-ally in interdisciplinary areas.

With the foundation of the label cen, she strives for a symbiosis of both professional identities in order to make an important contribution to the preservation of international cultural assets of creative craftsmanship as a researching designer. Viktoria pursues the vision of becoming active in the field of sustainable fashion through the appreciation of culture, tradition and identity.

[ CV short]

2021              Artist in Residence: EU-Project [Creative Europe] MakersXchange

                       @ Lottozero Textile Laboratories Prato (Italy)

2020-21      Social Entrepreneurship Training: EU-Project [Interreg] IN SITU,

                       Startup-Center @ Stuttgart Media University

2020            Fashion & Sustainability Online Training

                       @ UAL - London Collge of Fashion & Kering

since 2018   Research Assistant, PhD student

                       @ CREAM Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

2016-18       Scientific Assistant @Fraunhofer IAO

2016-18       M.A. Media Research: CREAM @ Stuttgart Media University

2013-16:      Professional experiences at @ Hugo Boss, Peek & Cloppenburg, Talbot Runhof

2013             Academic Assistant Accessoire Design @ Pforzheim University

2012             Interdisciplinary Project Jewellery Design @ Pforzheim University

2009-13     B.A. Fashion Design: Pforzheim University,

                      Thesis nominated for University´s Innovation Award

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